Questions, Answers.

What is Neutra?
An app for journalism. Neutra lets you subscribe to and read publications, journalists and authors from all over the world.

How is Neutra different?
We’re not interested in your data, but instead in providing an excellent reading experience in a simple app without any distracting elements. Consequently we don’t show advertising and we don’t track you on the net. Our focus, quite simply, is on the written word.

Which publications and authors are on Neutra?
Journal 21
Mark van Huisseling
More to come.

How much does Neutra cost?
The app itself is freely available in the App Store. How much a subscription costs depends on the publication, which of course sets the price for its content.

Why does a subscription cost anything at all?
Journalism is both hard work and a profession, and therefore comes with a price. Ten or twenty dollars a month to be inspired – why not? Or even just five pounds? That’s fine as well. We spend many times more on other things and get less in return. Journalism launches debates, provides food for thought, informs, annoys, surprises, influences, entertains, and brings pleasure. People need input. Our thoughts don’t want to live in isolation. They thrive in the company of others. That’s why journalism has a price.

How do I pay in the app?
With your Apple ID. Because your ID is anonymised, we don’t know who you are. Apple does, however. See our Privacy Policy.

Is there a trial period?
Publications are usually available free of charge for five to ten days (Free Trial). Afterwards, you decide which publications (if any) you want to subscribe to on a case by case basis. Subscribing – and cancelling – are quick and easy.

Why are some publications free of charge?
Each publication is free to decide how much it costs on Neutra. Some publications are resolutely non-commercial and voluntarily distribute their content for free, while others may not be sold for legal reasons.

What languages do you support?
At launch, the app will be available in English, French and German. Our goal is to have many different languages and publications represented on the platform. If you would like to join us, let us know.

Who decides which publications and authors are on Neutra?
Good question. At the moment, it’s just the two founders who decide. Our selection is subjective and, especially at the beginning, influenced by practical and technical considerations. In the future, we plan to establish a board of curators–if you think you can contribute something, we should get to know each other.

Where does Neutra stand politically?
Neutra has no political or religious agenda.

Are there any requirements regarding the content?
No, every publication or author is free to decide what he or she wants to write about. We don’t curate articles, only who is participating on Neutra.

What if a crazy fringe publication wants to sell their content on Neutra?
Their work probably wouldn’t meet journalistic standards, so we would say no.

And what if the decision is not so clear?
The board of curators will examine borderline cases more closely.

Fine, but what if I really don’t like a specific publication?
One can adhere to every professional and ethical rule of journalism and still produce journalism that many people would reject. Does a freedom-oriented society have to live with this? We think that is indeed the case.
 Nevertheless, we have implemented a feature in the app that allows you to hide unwanted publications from the timeline.

Is there a conclusive definition of what constitutes journalism?
A famous bon mot states, Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. Wikipedia says that Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on events. While you’re at it, the article on media ethics is also worth reading.

Where can I download my data?
We neither have nor want your data. More about this in our Privacy Policy.

On which devices can I read Neutra?
We currently support the iPhone and iPad.

We will be happy to do so if there is sufficient demand. However, our strict Privacy Policy may conflict with Google’s goals. Let us know what you think.

Do you have a roadmap for additional app features?
We have things we’d like to add in the future: marking text passages, speech synthesis, right-to-left languages, improved accessibility. Unfortunately, we can’t say when this will happen. But you can speed up the process by telling your friends about Neutra and buying subscriptions.

Is Neutra on social media?
It’s no secret that we are extremely critical of social media. Nevertheless, we have an account on Mastodon and Twitter. As the saying goes: Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.

No, not there. It would be hypocritical to stand up for fairness, transparency and journalistic integrity while having a presence on Facebook.

Can I still send articles to friends?
Yes, via e-mail or messages.

Who is behind Neutra?
Two blokes from the MTV generation. Read more at About Us.

What do you want Neutra to be?
The best digital platform for interesting, worldwide journalism.

How hard can it be?

How is Neutra pronounced?